Wednesday, 15 September 2010

TAMK increases transparency in internationalisation

TAMK participates with 13 other European institutions of higher education and organisations in the IMPI (Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation) project. IMPI aims at achieving a sufficient level of accountability in internationalisation for higher education institutions (HEIs) in Europe, while also providing guidelines for implementing relevant quality assurance measures.

The background for IMPI lies in the Lisbon goals on competences and the EQF (European Quality Framework) requirements which are not to be achieved in the internationalisation segment without the implementation of a coherent set of key indicators which defines what a good level of internationalisation is. This set has to be co-developed by higher education institutions rather than external bodies to ensure both relevance and acceptance in the community. The IMPI project will thus increase transparency and at the same time help the HEIs to develop individual profiles of internationalisation. This allows for solving the problem of interest groups such as prospective students, scientists or grant awarding institutions to make a sound decision based on quantifiable facts and figures, whether for choosing a study place or for the allocation of resources. Furthermore, it is not enough to show which HEIs are well-performing, but the goal is to increase the overall performance of European HEIs in internationalisation by providing adequate means for self-improvement.

The overall aim is to provide tools and indicator sets which allow HEIs to pursue their own idea of internationalisation without a “one size fits all” approach, but setting a framework within which they have to act in order to be considered “international”. In various aspects, the project emphasizes the idea of “achieving accountability and transparency of internationalisation and fostering diversity of strategies”.

The first meeting for all partners was held at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany in April 2010.  International Coordinator Riku-Matti Kinnunen represented TAMK at the second IMPI meeting in Nantes, France on 14 September 2010. At the Nantes meeting, TAMK was working on the given assignments together with Kazimierz Bilanow, Coordinator International Events, Perspektywy Education Foundation, Poland; Laura Rumbley, Deputy Director, ACA, Belgium; Adinda van Gaalen, Policy Officer, NUFFIC, The Netherlands; Nina Volz, Policy Officer, CampusFrance, France; and Anu Johannes, International Coordinator, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

Story: Riku-Matti Kinnunen
Picture: Nina Volz

Pictured from left to right, Kazimierz Bilanow, Riku-Matti Kinnunen, Laura Rumbley, Adinda van Gaalen and Anu Johannes.

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