Monday, 13 September 2010

A successful season for Tampere UAS Motorsport

Tampere UAS Motorsport participated in three races during the season: In Hockenheim, Germany 4.-8.8, in Melk, Austria 11.-14.8 and in Baltic Open, Tallinn 26.-28.8.

The racing season begun on the Hockenheim track with the new FS010 car developed at TAMK car lab. Due to the lack of testing, the first race proved to be difficult and as the A-arm of the car broke down, the team had to discontinue the race. This cost them the place amongst the top teams, but the team did better than expected in the very high quality company. The best placement in Germany was being in the Top10 of BMW Group’s Most Innovative Powertrain competition.

In the next race in Austria, the adjustments started to be in place and the team did a new record in the acceleration race, 4,17/75m. The chances for a good placement were, however, cut short as the team had to discontinue mid-through endurance when the motor overheated in the very warm conditions.

The team had two cars for the Baltic Open, FS008 and FS010. This time FS008 did better, because the technology of FS010 did not function as planned and the driver could only use one gear of the car.

Despite the technical troubles, the new car proved quite fit for competitions and also gave lots of experience and ideas for the next season.

After a successful season, the team would like to thank all the supporters and school staff for help and understanding. The team hopes the attitudes will continue to be as supportive as before.

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