Thursday, 16 September 2010

Motorsport for All project in Ahvenisto

Tampere University of Applied Sciences organised a presentation and test drive event at Ahvenisto Race Circuit in Hämeenlinna on Sunday 12 September 2010. A number of disabled adolescents had the chance to test what it is like to drive a real racing car. Our car was equipped with hand controls in cooperation with Respecta Oy, but otherwise it was largely an ordinary V1600 racing car. The first test driver was Jukka Hautala (video recorded inside the car). The enthusiasm was evident, and Jukka Hautala, who sat next to the adolescent drivers, at times had to quite forcefully remind them that there is a brake handle in the car.

The successful day further strengthened our view on the importance of the Motorsport for All concept. We also received valuable feedback for development of the car and operations models as well as quantitative information on the physical effects of driving.

The key objective of the Motorsport for All project is to create new operations models and technologies by means of which disabled adolescents can engage in motor sport. This demonstrates that participation in diverse activities and even hobbies full of action is possible despite the disability. Adolescents are also activated to seize other new opportunities, such as education, which makes return to working life easier.

Development of new rehabilitation methods forms a part of the Motorsport for All entity. The field is covered by the Experience Based Rehabilitation project, which focuses on the effects of experiences and extreme activities (motor sport) and their utilisation in service development. The target group is the physically disabled.

Watch video from the event.

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