Thursday, 2 September 2010

Miyagi University study visit to TAMK

Six students from Miyagi University (Japan) visited TAMK. The students spent 1,5 weeks in Tampere living in host families, consisting mostly of TAMK students and staff. The visit was planned in collaboration with TAMK International Services and TAMK Research and Development (R&D) and entailed a customised programme for the group. While the region is still presenting its best end of summer scenery, the group visited Virrat and Ikaalinen (photo) campuses in addition to the main Campus in Tampere. The group presented their independent project work to the R&D staff today and tomorrow will be the last day - goodbyes and regards!

The main goal of the visit for most of the students was to get to know the Finnish culture and learn the Finnish language. One of them just wanted to see the Santa Claus (he was unfortunately 'otherwise engaged'). The students studied some Finnish in their home University before coming to Finland and are already quite good at it...
“Sinulla on ihanat silmät” they told me on their first day here. Nice!

Text & Photo: Annika Haanpää, Trainee in International Services

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Lauri said...

Nice to get some more Japanese to TAMK. A heap of unexplored co-operation opportunities probably await in the future between TAMK and Myagi Uni.