Wednesday, 29 September 2010

IP PROMECON - Project Management

Greetings from Greece! We spent two weeks in Larissa and there’s a lot of memories to bring back home.

But let’s start from the basics. Larissa is the capital of Thessaloniki area, with about 200 000 citizens. Nature is beautiful and culture is very Greek. T.E.I. of Larissa (Technological Education Institute of Larissa) had offered us this intensive program of project management (PROMECON 2010) in the middle of Greece. Pandelis Ipsilandis and Vassiliki Kapralou coordinated the IP with the assistance of Thomas Poulious and Greek students. These two weeks have included two workshops, interesting lectures by multinational lecturers, some excursions and of course many new friends from countries all around Europe.

First week started with group work, to make us to know each other and our different ways of working styles. Danish professors gave us punch of ”pipe cleaners” and we were supposed to make a tower. There were some main evaluation criteria: height, idea and design. Below you can see the tower of the winning team.

Julian Schwetz (DE/AT) Georgia Kalampoki (GR) Pia Dag (FIN) Mariela Gotova (BL) Yakim Kastelov (BL) Tzvetelina Martinova (BL)

Students and staff members of 8 universities from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece and UK representing business, engineering and project management disciplines participated the IP. From Tampere University of Applied Sciences students Pia Dag (TAMK Virrat), Annika Kosonen & Erno Syvälahti (ProAcademy) and staff member Ms Pirkko Varis joined the IP.

The engineering aspect of project management was a new approach to us Finnish business students. The objective of the first week’s workshop was to make plans to develop Lake Plastira area. It’s an area in the mountains, with small villages, small enterprises such as a winery, a knitwear factory and Botanical Garden producing honey, tea, and medical plants. Before the workshop we visited some companies and talked about problems they are facing now. General Director Vasilis Bellis from the Development Agency of Karditsa gave us information, too. The results were presented during the IP. Presentations and the programme of the IP you can see at

Lake Plastira area

The second workshop was how to control the supply chain of a bike factory, and how to optimize it’s production. That was totally new to us, but we managed it and we can be proud of ourselves for working harmonically side-by-side with the engineering students 

We would like to say a big thank you to our Greek hosts and all our new friends from other EU countries. We are having a great time, and Greece is a beautiful country

Text & Photos: Pia (TAMK Virrat), Annika (Pro Academy), Erno (Pro Academy)

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Iakim said...

It has surely been an explosive mixture of engineering, combinative, artistic and beauriful minds. I'm glad I was there.