Friday, 20 August 2010

Getting to know Bryan Beamer

Bryan Beamer, an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) is a new acquaintance for many in TAMK. Bryan is here for this academic year on a Fulbright Fellowship and will be teaching, coaching and assisting in the International Business Program. Bryan has been teaching for 6 years in the Master's program for Risk Control at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Bryan has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and he has worked in industry and as a government researcher at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. In USA Bryan lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin. This August he moved to Tampere with his wife and two daughters and they are now living in the city centre.

Bryan`s wife Kate actually has family in Finland. Bryan and his family were visiting Tampere three years ago and met Kate's cousin, Professor Pasi Kuusijärvi. During discussions Bryan and Pasi found out how similar TAMK and UW-Stout are. After the visit in Tampere Bryan arranged for TAMK and UW-Stout to have a Memorandum of Understanding, stating that TAMK students can do studies at UW-Stout and vice versa. After the visit, Bryan also arranged his students from UW-Stout to visit TAMK.

Bryan is really enjoying his stay in Tampere "Tampere is really great. My hometown only has 15,000 people so I really like the size. It is wonderful to be in the city center and go to shops, museums and walk around or have a beer and then be able to walk to your beautiful lakes and parks in a few minutes. Also the people are really helpful and friendly - that makes a big difference!" he says.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is very similar to TAMK. UW-Stout is also a University of Applied Sciences, with about 9000 students and degree programmes in business, construction, tourism, media graphics, etc.

During the first period Bryan will be teaching Operations Management. He will also be assisting with Advanced Topics in International Business, Area Studies and Market Development, Communication Skills and Professional Development and helping coach for the TAMK Consulting Academy. Bryan hopes he could teach Construction Safety while being at TAMK. "It is one of my favourite courses." he smiles.

Text and photo: Annika Haanpää, Trainee, International Services

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