Wednesday, 28 July 2010

TAMK's environmental engineering students exploring Azerbaijan

In the picture from right to left: WECF's Anna Samwel, EKOT NGO's director Aytan Poladova, TAMK's students Maria Moradi and Johanna Koskenranta, Bistra Mihaylova WECF, Ulla-Maija Koivula from TAMK and a local woman who wanted to join the picture with the project team.

"We have now almost completed our practical training in Azerbaijan. In the beginning of the training period we concentrated on water quality issues in the laboratory and tested for example the amount of coliforms and E-coli in waste water and surface waters. We also measured the amount of ammonium in surface waters. We participated into the process of particle size analysis from an offshore location.

On week 24 we participated at the United Nation's (UN) trainings on Strategical Environmental Assessment for representatives from different Azerbaijani ministries.

Our participation to the water safety plan-trainings started from Shemakha area where we had the first training for teachers from Ismayilli and Shemakha area combined. There WECFs representatives gave presentation about the water safety issues and all the problems in the areas were discussed about. Also the nitrates were measured from the local drinking water in order to see some indication of the waters quality. The second training took place in Sabirabad area in Azerbaijan. At the time they had problems with floods in that area which affected the amount of participators in the training.

Our task was to conduct a baseline study of two of the 6 villages involved with the whole project. Our villages to be studied were Talistan in Ismayilli region and Suqovsan in Sabirabad region. We spent a few days in both of the villages and interviewed people about issues related to water, sanitation and energy. Finally we write a report about the findings and will give the report to WECF.

We will go to Sabirabad again next week together with Anna Sanwell and her expert team from Georgia to build solar panels and fruit driers."

Above text is written by third year environmental engineering students Johanna Koskenranta and Maria Moradi who have spent 3 months in practical training in Azerbaijan in TAMK's and Kestävä tulevaisuus ry's common project for improvement of the sanitation and water problems. Local partner from Azerbaijan side in the project is Ekoloji Tarazlig (EKOT)

picture above: In countryside in Sabirabad where we spent one week to construct a fruit dryer, solar collector and water distillator with WECF.

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