Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"Volcanic" IP in Virrat

Students came to Virrat 11 to 22 April to enjoy the Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) "Mobile and interactive marketing, IT for convergence internet marketing & eBusiness management".

The coordinator of the IP Pirkko Varis from TAMK prepared the programme and we were happy to stay in Finland. This year IP started in the 11th of April and it lasted 12 twelve days which was not enough to get all the experiences that we wanted. Therefore some of us hoped that volcanic eruption in Iceland could help us to stay longer!

We had an opportunity to meet students and staff members from 16 higher education institutions and 12 European countries: Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Hungary, France and Italy.

The programme was arranged that the students could give their presentations on the topics which they were mostly interested in, to listen useful lectures which were presented by staff members from various European countries, and to participate in one of four workshops. Workshops were organized in multicultural and multidisciplinary groups. Workshops gave us understanding about internet marketing, integrated marketing communications & CRM, 3D cinematography – stereo perception/camera work and how to create 3D imagery, website design of a SME, multicultural teams and cross-cultural communication, impact of culture to the content of the website, business intelligence and e-marketing, Flash for marketing, Podcast production and IT tools.

The organizers prepared us not only the daily programme of the IP, but also they planned other activities, like survival expedition, the visit to the zoo, karaoke, and parties. Moreover we could enjoy the advantages of the Finnish sauna and the cold lake after it every day.

During the time in Virrat we improved our knowledge in eBusiness, we had the opportunity to work with students from various countries and of course to enjoy a lot of parties. Also volcanic eruption made our time in Finland more interesting, helped to improve the knowledge of geography and to come more close to each other. Thanks to all participants and especially to the coordinator Pirkko for a wonderful time!

Story: Dovile Pankaite, Kristina Okunyte, Simone Berends and Aurimas Rudzionis.


LolaDee said...

Best two weeks ever :)

jletellier said...

I just discovered this blog post. We had such a great time.