Monday, 5 April 2010

TiTeLAN LANparty @ Demola 9.-11.4.2010

Demola was also venue of Global Game Jam in January
Our own LANparty is here again! This time the party will be held in new premises in Demola, Finlayson and is on the whole weekend!

TiTeLAN is organized by Computer Systems Engineering students twice a year. Usually we have had around 70 visitors but this year since we got new premises the amount may rise close to 100 visitors. The event is absolutely FREE of charge and we welcome all TAMK students as well as our exchange students. Doors will open on Friday around 6pm and the event will be finished on Sunday afternoon.

To find out what is LAN party go to

The games which are usually the most popular in TiTeLAN are:
-BattleField: Bad Company 2
-Heroes of Newerth
-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
-WarCraft3: TFT
-WarCraft3: DoTA
-Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
-Counter-Strike: Source
-Day of Defeat: Source
-Counter-Strike 1.6

In TiTeLAN we will arrange tournaments in Starcraft (1vs1) and Heroes of Newerth (3vs3). If you are interest on these check the boxes while you choose your place.

More information can be found from or by e-mail

Sign up is open already so hurry up and reserve your place! Go to

TiTeLAN is a LAN party organised by the students of TAMK Computer Systems Engineering Programme.

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