Thursday, 22 April 2010

Three TAMK students awarded in the Thesis competition

The national Thesis final thesis competition awarded the best Bachelor’s theses of 2009. Three TAMK students were also awarded.

The category Technology and Transportation awarded Kristiina Anttila (Bachelor of Engineering) for her thesis “Lämpösiirtotulostuksen tulostusjälje laatu ja siihen vaikuttavat tekijät” (“Quality of Thermal Transfer Printing and Affecting Factors”). The supervisor for the thesis was Päivi Viitaharju.

In the category Social Sciences, Business and Administration as well as Natural Sciences, Satu Hakkarainen (Bachelor of Business Administration) was awarded for her thesis “Sissimarkkinointi osaksi yrityksen markkinointia. Case ROAD-musikaalin sissimarkkinointi tempaus” (“Guerrilla marketing as a part of a company’s marketing – a Case Study of guerrilla marketing event for the dance musical “ROAD”). The supervisor was Elina Merviö.

Anu Sinisalo (Bachelor of Health Care) was awarded in the category Social services, Health and sport as well as Humanities and Education for her thesis “Klassisen baletin tekniikka ja rasitusvammat jalan ja nilkan alueella” (“Classical Ballet Technique and Overuse Injuries of the Foot and the Ankle”). Her supervisors were Pirjo Lehto and Marja-Leena Lähteenmäki.

181 Bachelor’s thesis took part in the national Thesis competition. 23 theses were awarded with 1000 € grants. The awards will be given in May-June 2010, and the prizes were sponsored by Kesko Oyj.

The aim of the annual Thesis competition is to make the UAS degrees more well-known, and to highlight the special qualities of the degrees, for example working life connections. Another aim is to develop the quality of the theses and to improve the theses culture in the universities of applied sciences. Over 20 000 UAS degrees are completed every year, and they all include a thesis work.

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