Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Merged TAMK is the most popular Finnish UAS

TAMK's slogan "the joy of sussing out" attracted most primary applicants per study place of Finnish UAS.
TAMK´s Finnish youth education degree programmes starting in the autumn 2010 had 8450 primary applicants. There were 5.8 primary applicants per study place. Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences merged at the beginning of 2010. The merged TAMK was the most popular Finnish university of applied sciences in the joint application of the spring.

The Degree Programme in Emergency Care had the most primary applicants with each of its 20 study places being pursued by 26 primary applicants. Fine Art and Physiotherapy had more than 15 primary applicants, Hotel and Restaurant Management 14 primary applicants and Social Services 13 primary applicants per study place.

By number of applicants, TAMK´s most popular degree programmes were: Business Administration, 1266 primary applicants, Social Services, 804 primary applicants, Physiotherapy, 612 primary applicants, Nursing and Health Care, 640 primary applicants, and Emergency Care, 527 primary applicants. In all, TAMK had more than 22 000 applicants to the 1465 free study places in education starting in the autumn.

In TAMK´s campuses outside Tampere, the most popular degree programmes were Tourism in Ikaalinen, Media in Virrat and Nursing and Health Care in Mänttä-Vilppula.
Plenty of applicants also to adult education

In the joint application to adult education, the 292 study places had 1220 primary applicants, that is more than 4 primary applicants per study place. The nursing education in Sastamala had the most primary applicants with 191 applicants to its 20 study places.

By number of applicants, the most popular degree programme was Business Administration with 308 primary applicants to Tampere and Virrat. Mechanical and Production Engineering in Tampere and Sastamala had 178 primary applicants. The 25 study places of Construction Management had 134 primary applicants, and the 30 study places of Service Management 119 primary applicants.

The master´s degree programmes had 360 primary applicants to the 215 study places. Ten master´s degree programmes will begin in TAMK in the autumn.

For the first time, the national joint application to youth education, adult education and master´s degrees in universities of applied sciences took place at the same time. The closing date for joint application to education beginning in the autumn was 16 April.

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