Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Forest, fire, food... FANTASTIC!

As spring has already begun, the Finnish Way of Life Club wanted to spend some time outside in the forest! Yesterday 19th of April a group walked to Niihama forest and grilled some sausages and marshmallows at the campfire.

The weather was quite cloudy but still warm and nice for taking a walk. Did you know that lighting a fire isn't the easiest thing to do in a windy weather? Well, let me tell you - IT ISN'T! After some blood, sweat and tears everyone was rewarded with a bellyfull of delicious stuff. For some exchange students it was a totallly new thing to grill marshmallows, they were amazed about this but in a positive way. Altogether everyone had fun and they got to know a new part of Finnish way of life!

Make sure to join us in the next CLUB next semester!!

Text & Photo: Miia

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