Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visitors from Hokkaido University

Professor Naoyuki Funamizu is giving a lecture at TAMK about composting toilet studies.

On March 15 TAMK got special visitors from Hokkaido University. Professor Naoyuki Funamizu representing the School of Engineering, Division of Build Environment and there Water System Research Group and Professor Kozo Yoshikawa, who is responsible of the International Affairs in the School of Engineering and especially developing international engineering education.

The day started with a guest lecture by Professor Funamizu. His research group is focusing on sanitation issues. The audience consisted mostly on Environmental Engineering students and staff heard most interesting lecture about Composting toilets and sanitation research in Hokkaido University.

Hokkaido University is located in Sapporo, a city known to us Finns from the Winter Olympics. The university was founded in 1876 and at that time it was called Sapporo Agricultural College. It was Japan’s first university to award bachelor's degrees. Today the university is one of the leading academic centers in Japan. The visit was not the first one for either of the guests. Professor Naoyuki Funamizu has visited Tampere several times and participating all three Dry Toilet conferences. Professor Yoshikawa in turn has been at TAMK two years ago discussing TAMK-Hokkaido University cooperation.

In the afternoon we had discussions about cooperation between TAMK and Hokkaido University. Vice President Marja Sutela considered the work in developing the internship program of the university most interesting. Based on the afternoon discussions it was obvious that the cooperation between TAMK and Hokkaido University will be expanded from Environmental Engineering to all fields of Engineering. The idea is to start both student exchange for studying and doing practical training periods. So hopefully there will be new exchange opportunities for our students in the future.

For more information about Hokkaido University please see: http://www.hokudai.ac.jp/en

Text and photo: Senior lecturer Eeva-Liisa Viskari, Environmental Engineering

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