Wednesday, 31 March 2010

TAMK builds an energy efficient house into a metropolis

TAMK has taken Finnish wooden house construction knowledge into China. Last year, TAMK build a two-storey, 230 square meter single family house into the university city of Shenyang, which has 8 million inhabitants.

Finnish and Chinese students of Building Construction Engineering designed the building, which has living and meeting spaces and even a sauna, into the Shenyang university campus. The house was built as an example of energy efficiency. The house is also more durable against earthquakes than the stone or concrete buildings usually built in the area.

The wooden house project is a part of TAMK’s research and development activities. The house also provides excellent opportunities for exporting education into China. The idea is to first export more know-how, and at the same time to open up channels to export Finnish wooden house structures and fittings.

Exporting TAMK’s knowledge of wooden house construction and the Finnish wooden house products may even lead to the export of Finnish wooden house factory knowledge into China: as the country has become wealthier, a demand for wooden house regions has arisen.

TAMK and the Shenyang Jianzhu University (SJZU) which specialises in construction engineering began collaborating 15 years ago. In addition to TAMK, the Finnish participants in the wooden house construction project were Late-Rakenteet Oy, Pirkanmaan Ristikko Oy, Starkki Oy and Väärin Puutavara Ky.

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