Thursday, 25 March 2010

Intensive course brings ideas for international tourism to Pirkanmaa

The Pirkanmaa tourism industry gains access to a unique international idea team for two weeks. On Tuesday the 23rd of March begun the third EU-funded Destination Analysis intensive course. The participants are 60 students of tourism from three European universities.

The collaboration universities are Salford University from England and Universitat Jaume I from Spain, while TAMK is the organiser of the course.

In her welcoming speech, the manager of TAMK’s services Aura Loikkanen mentioned that TAMK has already faced expectations to develop tourism in the Pirkanmaa region, even though it is not yet very well-known in this sector. Loikkanen wished for a bold and innovative input and vision from the students of the course.

The main task of the course is to familiarise these future tourism experts with the culture and tourism in the selected tourist destinations, and to analyse their tourism potential. They also provide the destinations with development ideas and new products. The previous courses have studied Manchester in the UK and Castéllon in Spain, and now it’s Pirkanmaa’s turn.

The course consists of diverse lectures and visitations. In Pirkanmaa, the visiting tourist destinations are the City of Ikaalinen, Seitseminen National Park and the City of Tampere as a ”gateway to Pirkanmaa.”

The majority of work takes place in Ikaalinen, where the students visit the Kauppila Farm, Ikaalinen Spa, Associated Market Town of Ikaalinen and the Luomajärvi Horse Inn. Finally, the students, in groups of six, produce a final analysis of the destination, which will result in various development and product ideas for tourism.

In addition to the local tourist destination mentioned above, the course is made possible by the participation of Kylpyläkaupunki Inc, Ikaalinen Spa, Go Tampere and Seitseminen National Park.

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Sari Matala, DSSc
Principle lecturer in Tourism

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