Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The students of construction engineering join forces in Asta Constructor fair

Asta Constructor 2010, organised on the 12th to 14th of February, is an trade fair of construction and living, which offers plenty of building, living and renovation products and services for house builders, people doing renovations or just fixing up their homes as well as for decorators. The Asta Constructor fair is organised by Puusuutarit ry in collaboration with Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd and TAMK.

Pirkanmaa is well known for organising events for home builders. The association of construction engineering students, Puusuutarit, has organised the Constructor fair at TAMK and its predecessors 40 times already. Tampere Trade Fairs has organised the Asta fair 16 times. As a result of their collaboration, the first Asta Constructor fair event was organised in 2008.

Ideas for material choices from the Product house

The visitors of Asta Constructor 2010 receive useful information from exhibition stands, information events, demonstrations and of course by visiting the Product house built by Puusuutarit. The approximately 50 square meter Product house (pictured above) contains construction materials and design ideas for saunas, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. The Product house displays products from sixty different companies, and offers the visitors ideas and tips for their own homes.

In addition to the Product house, Puusuutarit have produced the exhibition brochure and guide, and are partially in charge of selling the exhibition spaces. Working in the fair itself is also a part of the association’s work. TAMK supports the activities of Puusuutarit by offering e.g. office spaces and guidance.


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