Friday, 22 January 2010

Pyynikki Symphony goes Edinburgh

Pyynikki Symphony Orchestra
Sun 24th of January at 18.00
(address: F.E. Sillanpään katu 9, Tampere)

Tickets 6/12 €

Pyynikki Symphony Orchestra (TAMK) plays the Edinburgh concert tour repertoire at Pyynikkisali on Sunday.

The repertory stretches from Romanticism all the way to Contemporary Music. The orchestral works of the concert are Sibelius’ Second Symphony and the premiere of In the Highest composed by Stephen Davismoon. The second symphony of Sibelius is a heroic by nature and it is the most famous of Sibelius’ symphonies. It is a functional synthesis of classic light and romantic feeling including a number of unforgettable melodies. Stephen Davismoon dedicates his composition to his Finnish friends in Tampere. In the Highest uses the Gloria for the Blessed Virgin, from the Liber Usualis as a harmonic and motific starting point and also echoes and pays homage to the mysterious tones of Sibelius.

The soloist compositions are also very different from each other. Milhaud’s Concerto for Percussion and Small Orchestra is not so often heard. The concerto is a pioneer work and still the best of its kind. Behind a diverse percussion battery is Péter Fodor. The other soloist piece reflects intimate Finnish emotions. Uuno Klami is one of the central figures in the generation of Finnish composers that followed Sibelius. His composition Cheremissian Fantasy for cello and orchestra explores archaic and mythical worlds. Juho Nissi in cello interprets this mythical atmosphere.

Pyynikki Symphony is visiting Edinburgh as a guest of Napier University. Pyynikki Symphony is the student orchestra of Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Music and Tampere Conservatoire. Orchestra gives two to three concerts in a year. The repertory of Pyynikki Symphony consists of the essential orchestral literature and the concertos with student soloists and also the large church music pieces. In addition, Pyynikki Symphony is the opera orchestra in the opera productions of TAMK School of Music and Tampere Conservatoire. The artistic director and the conductor of Pyynikki Symphony is the principal lecturer Ari Angervo. The orchestra gives a concert in Edinburgh on 28th of January in Greyfriars Kirk.

Photo: Ari Ijäs

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