Monday, 25 January 2010

Guest lecturer to share newest research information on climate impact of aerosols

Researcher Eija Asmi from the Finnish Meteorological Institute will be lecturing in TAMK about aerosols and their impact on climate systems and their connection to current climate change.

The visit will be part of a free-choice Climate change -course (Global Climate Change - Sources and solutions) arranged for the first time in TAMK by the degree programme of Environmental Engineering.

Aerosols (fine, airborne particles) play an important role in the global climate balance and can therefore be important to climate change. Climate forcings due to aerosols are not well known yet, especially the indirect radiative forcing they can cause. Aerosols are one of the greatest sources of uncertainty in interpretation of climate change in projection of future climate change.

Everyone is welcomed to join and listen the guest lecturer's speech on Friday 29.1.2010, 1 pm at auditorium A3-27 in TAMK.

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Aino-Maija said...

Unfortunately the guest lecturer was not able to arrive on 29th, BUT she will come to TAMK (Teiskontie 33) to tell about the same topic on 5th February 2010 at 1pm in A3-27. :)