Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Admissions Pages for the New TAMK Have Been Launched

The English admission pages for the new TAMK have been launched.

The pages mainly serve foreign applicants, so they focus on marketing the English degree programmes and giving information about TAMK and Finland. The application period for the English degree programmes is 11.1. – 12.2.2010.

TAMK’s and PIRAMK’s current English webpages remain as they are until the end of 2009. After the 1st of January, both the Finnish and English admissions pages are modified into TAMK’s official webpages.

Both the Finnish and the English admissions pages have been produced by a project team, consisting of the following people: Teija Pekkarinen, Katja Jouttela, Marianna Leikomaa and Minna Honkanen. The production work also got input from several experts, especially from the Admissions Office, Student Services and International Office.

The English admission pages for the new TAMK

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