Sunday, 23 August 2009

First sauna evening with the new exchange students

On Friday the 21st of August CLINT – Club International Tampere invited all the new exchange students and their tutors to celebrate the beginning of the semester and experience the real Finnish sauna. After 3 days orientation it was relaxing to just hang around together and get to know each other better. For some the sauna was a new experience and they were wondering how is it even possible for a human to stay alive in such heat. Some of then also asked do the Finns SERIOUSLY do that every week with a doubt in their eyes. Besides the doubts most of them liked being in sauna and the sauna was crowded the whole evening. The first brave ones to try this scary ”hot oven room” were the boys but soon after the girls joined them and everyone enjoyed their time.

For some this was also the first time to taste the Finnish foods. The most popular food was Karjalanpiirakka with eggbutter but all the black sweets like salmiakki and lakritsi were left alone. Probably the only ones to empty the cups a little bit were the tutors.

As a summary the evening was a real success. People got to know each other, played cards and enjoyed other games and each others company. Altogether there were about 70 people present during the evening. After the party some were so exhausted by the sauna that they went straight home to wait for the next days activities but some also continued their journey to downtown.

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