Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Intensive Program (IP): Lobbying in Brussels

Photo by Lauri-Tapio Korhonen

From April 28 – May 10, 27 undergraduate students from Business and Management programmes offered at universities in 9 EU member states (Bielefeld/D, Rotterdam/NL, Tampere/FIN, Valenciennes/F, Vic/SP, Braga/P, Brno/CZ, Rzeszow/PL and Brussels/B) studied the theory and practice of Lobbying in the institutional environment of the European Union in Brussels.

Yancho Dimov, Ekaterina Tetchieva, and Lauri Korhonen from TAMK University of Applied Science aparticipated in the project. Mike Garant lead the group and acted as a tutor for one of the 5 study groups and social coordinator along with other leaders.

The group visited the European Parliament, two Directorate Generals from the European Commission as well as lobby firms, NGOs, non-EU State Diplomatic Missions to the EU, and other actors who lobby EU institutions. The students visited various people and held round-table discussions and interviews in order to gather first-hand information in order to understand the lobbying process in the EU.

Meeting parlament members

Another key aspect of the program was the mixing and working together between the various nationalities. One student remarked that during the two weeks, participants not only enhanced their knowledge of the subject but grew into better human beings.

Most of the project was paid for by the European Union. All in all the project was a great success. There are so many benefits that TAMK should work actively to participate in such programs in the future.

By: Mike Garant

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