Monday, 22 June 2009

Exchange students move across institutional borders

TAMK University of Applied Sciences and PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences participate actively in the development of international students' mobility, flexible studies and online services between the higher education institutions in Tampere.

Exchange students of University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology, TAMK and PIRAMK have been able to select courses across the higher education institution borders since 2006 as part of the Studying in Tampere Region (SITR) project. Thus far, hundreds of students have complemented their studies by means of the cooperation institutions' supply. The SITR project has also been the first in Finland to pilot student mobility online services between universities and universities of applied sciences.

The joint educational supply extends the current course supply of each higher education institution, enables sufficient participation in special field courses and improves exchange students' possibility to select high-level and versatile studies. Practical implementation of the joint educational supply and right to study requires many study administration, information system, and information and student mobility solutions.

Courses available for international students are collected to a joint SITR online service. Automatic collection of courses from the higher education institutions' own information systems has been developed as a part of national cooperation. The current SITR supply has been implemented by means of the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences' Joopas service. A joint view has been created for the service of the higher education institutions in Tampere.

The SITR online services also include an electronic application system, which students can log into by using the user name and password of their own higher education institution in Tampere when they have selected the courses they want. Basic student information comes directly from the student information system of their own higher education institution, which facilitates both filling and processing of applications.

- Development of the service has required long-span work between diverse fields and organisation members. Community spirit has been the key prerequisite for progress. Technical solutions have been found when common principles have first been established. Cooperation between the higher education institutions in Tampere has expanded along with the project, states Project Manager Maria Virtanen.

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