Friday, 22 May 2009

Greetings from Menomonie, Wisconsin!

As some of the readers of TAMK International Blog may have already heard, I'm currently visiting a TAMK partner University of Wisconsin-Stout. UW-Stout is an active, working life oriented university with 8500 students situated in town of Menomonie in Wisconsin, USA.

So far, I have met a number of UW-Stout faculty members who have been very interested in doing cooperative projects or developing online courses together with TAMK staff. UW-Stout also offers good exchange opportunities for highly motivated, self-guided TAMK students with good English language communication skills. Successful exchange studies in UW-Stout may require slightly more work than studies in TAMK, especially in the form of written reports in English but for those with the right motivation, it is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience.

UW-Stout Professors Bryan Beamer and Kari Dahl will be visiting TAMK during this and the next week with a group of 19 students. I hope many of you have the opportunity to meet them.
If you come up with ideas for cooperative projects or online courses where you could cooperate with UW-Stout staff, please let me know and I will find you the relevant contacts. I will also be posting updates of the projects on this blog.

Have a great beginning of summer!

Story and photos: Timo Nevalainen

More information on studies offered in UW-Stout


Lauri A. said...

Nice to see that TAMK is reaching to new heights through cooperative projects like online courses.

In practice, what kind of courses could we be talking about here?

Personally I would like to see the day when students and lecturers can be connected through out the world via video links.

I've heard through the grapevine that finding teachers from the region who master a specific area is somewhat a problem.

I suspect that well implemented virtual classes could solve the issue.

Let's see what the future holds.

Oh, and good looking panoramic shoots!

Go go Tim!

Kristin F said...

Great to hear that my fellow Wisconsinites are finally taking advantage of visiting this wonderful country. I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am now studying as a International Business degree student at TAMK. I've been living in Finland for two years now and couldn't think of a better place.. besides Wisconsin. ;)

So greetings to my fellow badgers and hopefully you enjoy your stay! I'm looking forward to visiting Wisconsin for the first time since I moved here.. in July.

And thank you to TAMK for allowing this experience to happen. I hope in the future more students from Wisconsin and the USA in general will have exchanges here in TAMK and Finland.

~Kristin Fritsche