Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Logistics study trip to Europe 8th – 14th March 2009

As a part of the Logistics module studies, nine of the students from International Business programme had the opportunity to take a study trip to Europe. During the thrilling trip we visited three EU countries; The Netherlands, Belgium and France and a number of companies operating in the field of logistics within those countries.

The highlight of the trip was the visit to Scania Parts Logistics. It was eye-opening from many aspects, not only because it was a grand scale warehouse where we were able to identify all of the different warehousing activities, but because all we saw made a logical connection to our studies of warehousing theory. We had also a privilege to take a tour in Port of Rotterdam. It is not certainly the idyllic fish port of a small village but in fact the third largest sea-port in the world (in terms of cargo volume). The size of port is really something incomprehensible. The tour took half a day by bus, but still we saw only a fraction of the port. Something that rolled our eyes were the automatically guided vehicles that carry containers to cranes, which then load them to the vessel. No driver or rails existed to keep it on track, the wheels just turned spookily.

Talking about the theory meeting practice, some of us got a chance to cruise around with a forklift. This took place in a warehouse training centre of Logis in Hasselt, Belgium.

Lastly spending a week together, from which two days in a freezing ten bed dormitory room, unified us as a group. We certainly got to learn more about our colleagues and also our teacher.

Overall, the trip was a perfect way to summarize our logistics studies. Most importantly it bolstered our confidence in what we have learned, and opened our eyes to the vast employment possibilities in the field we have chosen. It showed us that the world is a beautiful place and that we could work anywhere because our skills are needed anywhere. We built confidence, since we know what it is expected from us now, and we are eager to get to work. It was an amazing experience that helped us grow personally and professionally.

And finally we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful people that made this possible, all the companies that we visited, the four teachers that made it possible: Dr. Anasse Bouhlal, Mr. Jeroen Visser, Mr. Tony Fonteyn and Mr. Stephane Betschitch, and last but not least, our main sponsor, the IB programme of TAMK, lead by Mr. Janne Hopeela. We recommend this sort of study trip to all future generations.

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