Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Environmental Engineering students’ Association receives funding from Tampere city

The climate campaign ILMANKOS hosted by the City of Tampere has distributed a small amount of funding to associations in Tampere to encourage climate friendly actions within, and by, these societies. Some good examples of cases are "action to prevent climate change" planned by, or within, even the smallest of societies and associations were taken into special consideration when deciding who to award funding to.

TAMK’s Environmental Engineering students’ Association, G.L.O.B.E., was considered to be very sufficient and thus received funding to fulfil their plans to create an action day aimed towards foreign and exchange students studying in Tampere and in TAMK. "Ecoday by G.L.O.B.E." is being arranged now and will include Environmental Engineering students going from door to door in a local student apartment block and distributing information and leaflets about sorting out household waste and energy saving. Students will also give to tenants energy saving lamps, change them and share biobags and teaching how to "build your own biobag from newspapers!" They will also be arranging to collect, and dispose of correctly, any unwanted electrical or otherwise hazardous waste!

ILMANKOS campaign arranges workshop open for all on Thursday 16.4.2009 at 3.30 pm in vanha kirjastotalo, 1st floor at keskustori in Tampere where one of the speakers is the chairman of G.L.O.B.E., presenting the project plan.

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